I am running for City Council as our town heads into a period of growth and development. My focus is to embrace the progressive nature of this growth while at the same time preserving and maintaining the small-town feel and increasing the vibrancy of our community. 

Families are attracted to De Soto because of the strong award-winning USD 232 School District. The city must create a proper tax base to support and educate our youth, who will become the citizens of the future. I support the addition of small business to our community. 

Safety and Infrastructure 

Progress creates unique challenges and opportunities. The safety of the public is a primary concern. The infrastructure must be carefully assessed with a look to the future in the wake of growth. I am committed to safeguarding our children as they play and travel to school and social events, and to the driving public on our streets.  


While encouraging growth in De Soto, let's not lose sight of affordability. Housing that exceeds one's ability to acquire does not add to the growth of the city but makes it a city of lost inclusivity.  


Sustainability is a topic of concern that I believe has been neglected. There are avenues to pursue with neighboring cities that will enhance and benefit De Soto. Wildlife protection and relocation should be included in building and development plans. A greater focus on protection of the Kansas River is a primary example of protecting nature's bounty. 

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